Meet our Beaus and Debutantes

January: Introduction to Community Service Projects

February: Civil and Social Justice Discussion and Presentation of Community Service Projects

March: Leadership Development, Career, and Financial Literacy Workshop and Etiquette Seminar

April: Cultural Awareness Seminar and Presentation Ball

The Alexandria-Mt.Vernon Chapter's Beautillion-Cotillion is a leadership development program focused on young men and women in grades 11-12 grounded in a rich 35-year tradition. With an emphasis on empowering young adults for success, the program aims to cultivate future African American leaders through leadership development, community service, cultural and civic awareness, and social etiquette training. Participants should possess a 3.0 grade point average and demonstrate through a personal statement their interest in participating in this program. Participation in the Beautillion-Cotillion will require a four-month intensive commitment in various evening and weekend activities and rehearsals. The Beautillion-Cotillion program culminates with a presentation ball. 

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Beautillion-Cotillion Presentation Ball Date
Saturday, April 24, 2021

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